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Chalk Transfer® Stencils

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Lake Time Beach Vibes Minis

The Lake Time Beach Vibes Minis Chalk Transfer® design is great for small projects that will leave you smooth-sailing! And, let's be honest, nothing quite says welcome to the lake like some handcrafted signage.

1776 Patriotic Stars

This cut-apart Transfer's broad stripes and bright stars are fabulous for the Fourth of July. Pair these patterns with our Star Cutouts and you're well on your way to a perfectly patriotic project for the summer holiday and beyond!

Busy Busy Busy

We're buzzing about this Chalk Transfer® design! Perfect for the busy bees who are always on the go. Whether in the office or at home, this evergreen design is sweet like honey. This Transfer pairs perfectly with our Chalkable Shapes Busy Busy Busy surface.

Geometric Ocean Prints

Ride the waves and swim with the fishies! The Geometric Ocean Prints Chalk Transfer® design is for the summer lovers who live in the water during the warmer weather. Perfect for adding a nautical touch to any project!

With A Cherry on Top

This cut-apart Transfer is sweet as pie, and we'll even let you in on the secret ingredient: it's potential! There's really just so much you can create with this design. It's the cherry on top of your kitchen décor, and more!

Farmhouse Cherries

Sweeter than a bowl of cherries! This cut-apart design is tart-rrific! This Transfer could be the cherry on top of your next project. Pairs perfectly with our Chalkable Shapes Farmhouse Cherry surfaces.

Vacation Homebody

There are two types of people. Whether you're jet-setting off on your next vacation or cozying up at home, embracing your homebody ways, this Transfer is for you! Let your guests know exactly which one you are.

Woven Thick Thin Stripes

Use this classic striped pattern to add a little texture to your home décor. Great on textile projects and more!
$21.50 $43.00

Outdoors & S'mores

There's nothing quite like memories made in the great outdoors around the fire pit, is there? This Transfer captures that cozy, campfire feeling with a whimsical flare, and it'll leave you wanting s'more. This Transfer pairs perfectly with our Chalkable Shapes Outdoors & S'mores surfaces.

Vacay Mode

Say it loud and say it proud! You're in vacay mode and everything else can wait. With a bold look for this straightforward statement, let everyone know that you're off the clock and hitting the beach with the cut-apart Vacay Mode Chalk Transfer® design!

Good Vibes on The Tides

We're getting good vibes only from this Chalk Transfer® design. For a lake-loving household or a beach home getaway, catch the wave and don't let this one go out with the tide!

Etched Peonies

Summer is blooming! It's time to decorate for the season and florals are a year-round staple. These pretty peonies are the perfect pick!


This cut-apart Transfer was made for the sun chasers! Your season is here! It's time to put out the décor that lets people know you'll be wherever the sun is shining this summer. Catch some rays and DIY for days with this one!

Sports Quotes

The Sports Quotes Transfer is a home run! Kick your motivation up a notch with quotes from some of the biggest names in the big leagues. This Transfer pairs perfectly with our Chalkable Shapes Sports Quotes surfaces.

Doily Half Circle Patterns

Add a delicate and elegant touch with a beautiful doily pattern! It's a perfect fit for your Tiered Tray, so break out the finger sandwiches and fruit. It's time to level up your next tea party or summer gathering with some dainty décor!

Fun Fun Fun

F-U-N! A three letter word that we could all use a little more of in our lives, right? With a simple and sweet message, this retro Chalk Transfer® design is an evergreen keepsake, perfect for gifts, the kiddo's bedroom, and more!

Focus on The Good

Take a picture it will last longer! With a reminder to focus on the good, set your sights on the beautiful things in life with this retro, cut-apart Transfer. This Transfer pairs perfectly with our Chalkable Shapes Focus on The Good surfaces.

Happy Family

There are so many ways to say "hey, we love and live here" with this C-sized Transfer. Find a spot to share these snarky and sweet sentiments in your happy, beautiful, messy, chaotic, and love-filled home!

At The Lake

Summer calls for weekends on the water, and the At The Lake Chalk Transfer® design really floats our boat! With a variety of phrases you've either said or heard from your fellow lake lovers, this cut-apart design is perfect for making a splash with your summer décor.

Would You Like An Adventure Now

Adventure awaits! But great travels require great preparation. Ponder your next trip over a spot of tea—or take the leap and be a little impulsive! The choice is yours, according to this Chalk Transfer® design.

It's About The Journey

Up, up, and away! For our well-traveled, adventurous spirits, this Transfer gets to the gist of it. Sometimes traveling isn't about where you're going, but what you learned along the way. Pair this design with any color palette, or find your favorite color and chalk it as a one-and-done project!

Map of Canada

Celebrate the beauty of the Great North with a detailed outline of the Canadian provinces. Highlight key areas with different Chalkology® Paste colors or chalk the whole thing as a one-and-done project.

The True North

Show your pride with a little homemade handiwork! The True North Chalk Transfer® design is unbe-leaf-ably versatile for creating one-of-a-kind patriotic projects to display for Canada Day or to keep up all year long.

Welcome, Welcome

Dress up your front porch or entryway with this versatile Transfer. It gives you freedom and flexibility to suit any style, from farmhouse to modern. This Transfer pairs perfectly with our Chalkable Shapes Welcome, Welcome surface.

Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat

Don’t let it be a clothes call by forgetting to do your laundry. If you’ve got loads of laundry to push through, the Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat Chalk Transfer® design is just the inspiration you need. Laundry isn’t as bad as everyone thinks, it’s just got some bad press.

Anywhere with You Collection—Travel Stamps Minis

You've stamped the passport to our heart! This cut-apart Transfer is inspired by vintage travel stamps, and offers mini designs that are ideal for adding a fun touch of travel-themed elegance to anything.
$16.80 $21.00

Anywhere with You Collection—Home

With bold block letters, the style of this Transfer looks good in any traveler's home aesthetic. The icons can be used on any small surface like a suitcase tag, travel journal, agenda, mug, pencil holder, and more!
$28.00 $35.00

Something Good—Watts of Love

Spread a little love with this so-sweet message, while also sharing light with people who need it most! Your purchase of the Something Good—Watts of Love Transfer will generate a $2 donation to Watts of Love, our non-profit partner, providing solar lighting and education to communities without electricity.

Shut The Front Door

Greet your guests with adorably cheeky statements displayed in your entryway or on your front door. In no time at all, these fun and snarky expressions will have your guests' lips shifting into a smile.

Shell Yeah!

Anything is popsicle—especially when the sun is out! The cut-apart Shell Yeah! Chalk Transfer® design features palm trees, flip flops, and a scallop seashell—everything we love about fun under the sun.

Corner Market Collection—Sheep

We herd you like farmhouse designs, and this one's really not baaaad at all. We welcome crafters of all sheeps and sizes! Get this Transfer now and time wool tell you how to best put it to use.

Corner Market Collection—Mercantile

What's more farmhouse than an old-fashioned food scale? This rustic Chalk Transfer® design is a dream for those who love adding a bit of vintage influence to their home décor.
$10.50 $35.00


This citrus-y, sweet Transfer packs a pleasant punch, much like your favorite lemonade. Bring some sunshine into your décor with a fruitful DIY décor project using the Lemons Chalk Transfer® design!

Done in Love

Take great inspiration from these two classic scripture verses and chalk the elegant script font. Create a timeless, everlasting project that will inspire you at every turn. Great for making gifts!

Best Year Yet

Keep this celebratory Transfer on hand so you are prepared for everybody's birthday. Make it as intricate as you want or simplify it with to one or two colors. It's the perfect cut-apart Transfer for all your birthday celebrations.

In This House, We Do Dog Tags

Honor your soldier with this endearing message. This subway style design can be a simple one-and-done or chalked in a variety of colors. Make it your own, in whatever way feels most meaningful to your family and matches your unique home.

Day Drinker

Decorate your coffee bar or create the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life with the Day Drinker Transfer. And always remember, no talkie before coffee!

Buffalo Plaid Mini

Add a little farmhouse style to any project with the Buffalo Plaid Mini Transfer! This timeless pattern can be matched with almost any design or surface to create a cozy, comfortable look.

Family of Gnomes

Hang out with your gnomies and create a cute, colorful craft with this Chalk Transfer® design! Make your own family of gnomes, one for each member of yours, and enjoy the playful energy this Transfer can bring to your projects.

You Are Magical

This Chalk Transfer® design says it all: you are magical! The bohemian style of this design makes a statement, and it serves as a great reminder to all of us to embrace and understand the power we hold. Ink it on apparel, like a jacket, or chalk it on a fantastic framed surface for a feature piece in your home!

Hope Awareness Ribbon

This cut-apart Transfer is the perfect touch for a thoughtful, healing gift. Use Chalkology® Ink to create your own clothes, tote bags, and more. Send some love to the survivors and warriors in your life.

Honey Bee Farm

Create a cute farm-to-table look with this bee-eautiful rustic Transfer. Chalk it on a large sign, a serving platter, or a crate for that full-on farmhouse feel. Add some locally-grown honey or produce, and you've got the perfect setup! So sweet!
$17.50 $35.00

This Is Us

Welcome guests into your home sweet home with décor made from the This Is Us Chalk Transfer® design. This cut-apart and versatile Transfer can be used on countless surfaces. Try it on pillows, jars, and so much more. Maximize your cozy space with these special sentiments! Great for gifts!

The Chick Inn

Check into the Chick Inn with these cozy, rustic elements! This cut-apart Transfer pairs beautifully with our Tiered Tray Essentials, or use the images and words on their own. Enjoy the farmers market, live simply, and enjoy your stay!
$10.50 $21.00

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Starter Kits Canada

Grouped Starter Kit

Woodland Animals

This Transfer is bear-y cute! Perfect for your little one's bedroom. Accessorize them, change up the colors to suit your style, and have fun with these woodland critters!

Etched Radishes

This Chalk Transfer® design will look radishing in your kitchen! Cook with them, chalk them—radishes are so rad. Add a touch of whimsy that can't be beet with these charming illustrations.

Wishing You Sunshine

This cut-apart Transfer will have you singing "Here Comes The Sun" when you bring it home. Designed specifically for ChalkSuede™ cards, this Transfer can be used in a variety of ways to send sweet, sunshine-y messages.